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 GET YOUR Homeowner's Association (HOA)

What started Poison Free Calabasas back in 2018 is our HOA board who on their own decided to place over 80+ rodenticide rat poison bait boxes throughout our community.

After several residents raised their outrage and concern over this along with a very long struggle, we came to an agreement to form a "Rodent Control Committee" which would bring eco-friendly rodent control management that would be effective and safe for all. Not an easy process but with determination and hard work it can be done.

What steps to take with your HOA

Attend your HOA meetings and ask during public speaking what form of rodent control does the HOA have in place.

If it is rodenticides that they use speak up on how you feel about having the poisons in your community and how they will affect you, your family, your pets and your local wildlife.

Speak to other neighbors in your community asking them how they feel about having the rodenticide poison bait boxes in your community especially the ones that have small children and pets and ask them to voice their concern to the HOA. 

You have to be present at the Zoom meeting which the meeting is open to all residents and voice your concerns. 

Email or mail a fact sheet to all your board members on the dangers of using toxic rodenticide rat poisons and its secondary poisoning effect on children, pets, wildlife. you can download from our site at 

Also recommend to your board other effective and eco-friendly products which you can view on our site at 

With the above, once you have few residents that are interested in riding your community of poison rodenticide bait boxes and are willing to donate just a very small amount of their time to this cause, request your board to form a "Rodent Committee"

where you will be in charge of bringing information on eco-friendly and effective rodent control products to use in your community. 

You will have to try these products out to see if they work for you  (we started out using Propell Spray that was sprayed at common problem area by our licensed pet service, along with installation of Electric Shock Traps again in most targeted areas. 

In addition in order for this to work it is very important to continue the practice of Repel, Exclude. Deter which you can find more

info at

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