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Poison Bait Box SCAM


   1.  A Resident or Business complains about rats and calls a pest                           company.

 Instead of looking at why rats are present and what is attracting                       them such as- ivy, garbage, water, pet food left outside, etc.,

   2.  Pest Control Operator puts out poison BAIT boxes​

   3.  Poison bait boxes are now in your community.

   4.  A rodent smells BAIT and eats poison. One feeding will kill, BUT                 death takes several days.

 The rodent grows weaker and is easily caught by beneficial                   predators

    5. Pest control operator refills bait boxes each month and sends                     monthly bill to business, homeowner, HOA, etc.

 Other rats smell BAIT are attracted to the area and also eat the                   poison BAIT.

     6. The Pest company has now guaranteed a rat problem

 because they are always putting out food for rats! Ensuring a                           monthly payment to them!  This is their “bread & butter"

 Diagram showing how pest control operators guarantee continuing profits by using poisons.

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