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While we do not “endorse” products, some products used to deter and/or control rodents include:

  • Your first line of defense should be sanitation and exclusion. Check out our tips here.

  • Dry ice. Inexpensive and cost-effective, it can be purchased at welding supply stores and even grocery stores. Find the rat burrows and seal up all exits before putting the dry ice down into the burrows.

  • Cayenne pepper – Rats hate it and you can sprinkle it in their pathways or known nest sites. You can use it in compost bins, bird feeders, and chicken coops; it will not harm or repel birds or chickens.

  • Goodnature™ A24 Rat and Mouse Trap – Using CO2, the A24 trap is certified humane and toxin-free, kills rodents instantly, and automatically resets for up to 24 kills. (NB: Please use inside another container to prevent other animals from being harmed.)

  • Contrapest by Senestech – This fertility control product is not a hormone and does not bioaccumulate. It does not kill rats; it merely slows their reproduction rate and must be used continuously. Right now, it is available to consumers in every state except CA,NY, and CT; and Washington, DC. In those places it must be purchased and used through a professional pest control company.

  • Fresh Cab – A botanical repellent

  • Rataway

  • DeTour RoadBlock with Bio-Repellent – All-natural pepper-based repellent irritates rodents’ sensory organs and nerve endings, driving them out of contact areas.

  • Raticator – An electronic trap that can also be used inside a bait box.

  • Evictor® 10K – High-intensity strobe light quickly drives out problem wildlife.

  • Pro-Pell – Rodents hate this smell and stay away. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE /EASY TO SPRAY ONCE A MONTH

       Essential oil mix is applied to foundations and other rodent targeted areas to repel rodents

       ask your pest control company for details and charge to spray.

       Perfect to use on outside barbeques, autos to prevent wire chewing. Simply spray the inside under hood once a             month for results.

  • Nixalite - Mouse, Rat, Wildlife Control Products.  One of the best sites offering various Humane wildlife Control Products

As a last resort, use snap traps inside a bait box and only in locations—i.e., a garage—where no other animals can reach them. Never use snap traps in the open! Birds have been caught, and skunks and other animals that help control rodents seriously injured. Be sure to check and empty the traps regularly. There are many brands of inexpensive, reusable snap traps, like this one.


And Finally- PLEASE DO NOT use glue or sticky traps

They are cruel and inhumane and also catch songbirds, small owls, and other small animals.

An animal caught on a glue trap, whether a rodent or a non-target animal, often suffers enormously and for a long period. It will eventually die of starvation, suffocation, pain, stress, and/or horrible injury from trying to escape.

Several countries have banned glue traps, for good reason, but the United States still allows their use.

Read more here (Humane Society of the United States) and here (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals UK).






















































































































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