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  • You can start by calling your HOA Property Management company asking them what chemicals if any do they use for rodent eradication.

  • Attend your HOA meetings speaking up on a Poison Free community

  • Ask your HOA to form a Rodent Committee that will bring education on eco-friendly rodent control


Cities that have passed Resolutions against rodent poisons and do not use them on city-owned properties including buildings and parks.




City of Irvine 2016. Removed all rodent poisons, insecticides, and herbicides and replaced them with organic choices. See

Examples of Schools

·      Oak Park Unified School District. 6 schools. Adopted a pesticide free policy, June 2016. They removed all bait boxes. 

·      Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District. Banned anticoagulant rodenticides 2016

·      Pepperdine University, Malibu. Saving about $14,940 per year. Also stopped using herbicides and insecticides. 


Examples of Homeowner Associations



  •       Westridge Calabasas Homeowners association, Calabasas 110 homes

  •       Rockpointe Homeowners Association, Chatsworth. 739 units. 

  •       Liberty Canyon Homeowners Association, Agoura Hills. Saving about $9880 per year.

  •       Dos Vientos Homeowners Association, Newbury Park. Gave up rodenticides the 2nd half of 2015. Now saving about $40,000 per            year. 

  •       Camarillo Springs Homeowners Association, Camarillo

  •       Meadow Ridge Town Homes, Agoura Hills

  •       Rondell Homeowners Association, Agoura Hills. 

  •       Portico Townhomes, Malibu. 


Examples of Shopping Centers and Restaurants in Malibu

·      Malibu Village (including 4 restaurants)

·      Trancas Country Mart (including supermarket and 1 restaurant)

·      Zuma Beach Plaza (including food market and 1 restaurant)

·      Point Dume Village (including supermarket and 5 restaurants), 

·      Malibu Country Mart (including 10 restaurants)

       More Restaurants: 

       Nobu (310) 317-9140), 

        V’s (310) 456-3828,

        Cholada Thai (310) 317-0025

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