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2021 brings us a New California Law AB1788 that will help Protect our Wildlife From Super-toxic Rat Poisons read more

Alarming number of wildlife being poisoned through use of rat poisons

State analysis shows mountain lions, bobcats and owls are unintended victims read more


Rat poison goes directly into our wildlife's food chain.

Once a rodent ingests the rat poison from a bait box it takes couple days for that rodent to die from it, but before that rodent dies it ends up being eaten by our hawks, owls, bobcats and even river otters, which they end up being eaten by larger wildlife such as cayotes, bobcats and our mountain lions. 

Our Santa Monica Mountain lions that have been tagged monitored and studied for years by scientists have all been directly affected by rat poisons succumbing to very 

 horrific deaths as the main poison Anticoagulant Rodenticide causes them to bleed

out to death. As of March 2019 our mountain lions are on the verge of extinction read more

It is a privilege for you and me and all of us to live in this beautiful natural ecosystem.

It is NOT yours, or mine, or anyone’s moral right or privilege to destroy it or harm it in any way. 

HOW CAN YOU HELP rid your community of Rodenticide poisons?

You can first start by calling your HOA Property Management company asking them what chemicals if any do they use for rodent eradication. 

Ask your neighbors if they have rodent control and what they use to control it.

If you see black rodent boxes around your community or local businesses tell the 

management how toxic it is to our pets children and our wildlie and tell then you don't want this toxic poison in your city.

Contact our City of Calabasas Environmental Commissioner's office , Tel No 818 224-1600

and tell them you are against Anticoagulant Rodenticide rat poisons and you

DO NOT want it used in your communities.


For a list of

SAFE and EFFECTIVE Eco-Friendly Rodent Control Products 

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Natural Rodent Repellent 


PROVEN by our residents and Calabasas community HOA's 


PRO-PELL is an all natural repellent made up of essential oils that contain the smells and tastes that rodents hate.
The oils bind to the foundation and are not easily washed off. One gallon of finished material covers approximately one 2500 square foot home. Apply to house foundations, sheds, under decks, hatchways, garage door openings and area’s of rodent activity.  It can even be sprayed on the tires of your vehicles to help deter mice from climbing and entering.

How It Works:
Mice sense of smell is 2.5 times greater than a humans. They feel most comfortable when they can run along side walls with their whiskers touching. This puts their nose right next to the foundation which has been sprayed with PRO-PELL. The smell forces the mice to go elsewhere preventing them from entering the structure. After

PRO-PELL dries it can't be smelled by humans but can by mice for up to 60 days.
For more information on how this product works
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