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As we are surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains with a diverse population of native wildlife ranging from owls, hawks, coyotes, bobcats, fox, racoon, opossums and mountain lions. 

In order for us to have a healthy environment in this beautiful area we choose to live in,

it is vital to our eco-system that we educate on how to Coexist with our large diversity of our wildlife as they are all a big part of this beautiful area, and it begins with the understanding of how to share our communities with wild animals. And in order to do this, we bring education to individuals about the animals in their environment and provide solutions to existing problems, such as secondary poisoning, un-intentional poisoning by poisoning the food chain. 

Santa Monica Mountains Map


Is to bring awareness and education to the dangers of using rodenticide rat/rodent poisons in the food web. We inform people about the ecological role of wild birds of prey, and work to eliminate toxic rodenticides to prevent further poisonings of wildlife, children, and pets.

We envision a healthy, functioning food web in which every organism remains poison free. Rodent poisons undermine a critical piece of this system: the predator/prey relationship.

We partner with environmental nonprofits, agencies, scientists, cities, and others to work toward eliminating toxic rodenticides from the food web.

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